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Importance of “Field Composition”

FB and blogFor my photography friends that ask why worry about composing in the field.  Behind that rock in the field of view of the falls is a group of about 35 Floridians on a tour that decided to go swimming/wading in the basin of Looking Glass Falls!

Now, I can compose much better than I can use a selective brush in Lightroom, so I lowered the tripod and went vertical instead.  Give me your feedback, how did I do?


A bye gone era!

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I go to the Biltmore Estate quite a bit, so much so that one of my photo buddies suggested I get my mail transferred there!  But, each time I go, I find something that pulls me back to a grander era, something simpler and less chaotic.  Wishful thinking, I guess!


A Happy Hiker!

A field of Lavender and some poppies mixed in for good measure! I have been told its not lavender, but Lupine! Oops, my bad!

Lavender fieldsOne of my friends on Facebook calls this picture of my tripod in a field of Lavender and poppies “Free Range Tripod”!  I call it “Run Manfrotto, Run”!

Taken just off I-40 westbound at Hendersonville Road (US 25).  One thing I really admire about North Carolina is the wild flowers they keep near the major intersections.  Somehow, for me, it makes for a more pleasant drive!

Incidently, you can also seem more of my images @wvpattisonphotography on Facebook!  Love to have you visit and look around!

A Happy Hiker!

Not just birds!

dragonfly dragonfly-2

Don’t want anyone out there thinking that all i enjoy photography is birds!  Not by a long shot….here is a dragonfly out sunning him/herself on a mushroom at the Biltmore Estate, and, the fantastic Norfolk and Southern Class J Engine 611 (having just been recently restored to running condition after 21 years of being idle).

If you are looking for somewhere special, consider the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC (about 2 hours from Asheville.  Interesting place to take the children.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday!

A Happy Hiker

Blue bird and baby!

wordpressTook this yesterday over at the Biltmore Estate.  Its a wee bit grainy due to the brightness of the day and the darkness of the nest.  Its amazing to me that the little chick can sense the mother on the roof.

If you are in the Asheville area with little ones, I strongly suggest one day of going to the Biltmore and explore the grounds.  Children might not like the house itself, but theres plenty of exploring to be done outside.

Happy Hiker!