Setrock Creek Falls

Sorry for not posting for a little while, I have been preparing to move to a new apartment next month, and well, you know how it goes.

Anyway, went out today to Setrock Creek Falls on the South Toe River near Burnsville, NC


This is probably one of the prettiest falls I have seen, and very, very uncrowded.  As most of you know, my two passions are hiking and wildflower photography, and this hike gave both to me.

Snowy Lady Slippers, I believe, which are very rare indeed:





To get to Setrock Creek Falls from Asheville, I suggest going east on I-40 to the first exit at Old Fort, then follow US 70 east to NC 80.  Turn left onto NC 80 and head north up and over the Blue Ridge Parkway.  At 2.2 miles past the parkway take a left onto South Toe River Road and follow the signs to Black Mountain Campground (about 2.9 miles).  Park at the designated parking area on the left side and walk into the campgrounds.  Follow the sign for Mt. Mitchell Trail and Birch Bottom Bike Trail.  Stay on Birch Bottom Bike Trail, passing the fork for the Mt. Mitchell trail until you walk over a girder bridge.  At the end of the bridge you will see a “rest area” and the trail head for Setrock Creek Falls going to the right.  The trail in its entirety is about .5 miles, with some difficulty due to roots and some rocks.  You will have to wade the creek at the base of the falls to get some good shots.


For a great return, go back the same way to the Blue Ridge Parkway and head west to Asheville.  Its about 40 miles, full of great scenery and curves.  


So, have a happy day tomorrow!

A Happy Hiker!


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