Sunset on Max Patch Bald, NC/Tn on the Appalachian Trail!

Went with two hiking buddies yesterday up to Max Patch Bald, northwest of Asheville, about two hours away.  The hike itself to the summit is sweet, but the dirt road going up to the trailhead is a killer.  I don’t recommend the old family car on this one, too many ruts Imagein the road.

I swear the US Olympic Ski team used the road for Mogul practice.


Anyway, here in the mountains, a “bald” is a mountain top cleared of trees or tall vegetation, either naturally or manmade.  Max Patch Bald lies on the state line of Tennessee and North Carolina and offers views from the Black Mountain range in the east beyond Asheville to the Great Smokies in the west, and Knoxville sort of northwest.


Incidently, I take ALL my pictures in HDR, or as I prefer to say, NDR (Natural Definition Resolution) and only process them in Photomatix Pro.  The colors are just as they appear and have not been photoshopped or tampered with.  I use Photoshop Elements 11 to remove any spots caused by my lens and to place my watermark on the lower right hand corner. 

A Happy Hiker



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