Wildflowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway!

In your yard, you would call them weeds!  Did you know that bee’s, which are fast diminishing in numbers, are attracted to dandelions in your yard, and maybe we should not be so fast to dowse them in herbicides?


And I have no idea what these dainty little flowers are called.  I want to say lady slippers, but need your help!

Anyway, hope your day is going great, have a nice one!

You can also find more pictures on my photography Facebook page: Pictures by Pattison   (will get a link here soon)

A Happy Hiker!



3 thoughts on “Wildflowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway!

    1. Thanks, I suck when it comes to naming wildflowers. Sometimes I cheat and classify everything as either a dead plant, or a live plant. And at other times I make up a name and translate it into Latin, such as “Pattison’s dainty white flower”=”florum album tenui condita set Pattison”, which works for me!

      1. I’m with you. I dove into blogging about flowers only to realize that many of my names for plants are totally made up. And I’m keeping my old name for some of them even as I learn a more commonly accepted identifier. Cheers!

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